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May Top 5 New Books To Open On The Lawn

How often do you dream of going outside, laying on a plaid and diving into the world of literature the minute you see the sun in the skies and green blooming meadows? This is the time of the year when this desire reaches its peak. Crime stories, mysteries, romances, classic novels - actually it doesn't matter what you are about to choose - they all fit into this happy spring agenda. But if you suddenly find yourself looking at a heap of books with no idea which one is your next read, here's our TOP 5 of new May publications. Use it as the first literary aid:

by Julia Phillips

If you are fond of discovering new places and exploring complex relationships, this debut novel by Julia Phillips is right for you. Two young sisters go missing in Kamchatka, the northeastern tip of Russia. The investigation turns up nothing. This disappearance is mostly felt by the women of this isolated place and the story unfolds their intimate lives in the closed community surrounded by the majestic nature.

by John Grisham

The productive John Grisham strikes again with a comeback of Theodore Boone, a thirteen-year-old lawyer-to-be. Woody Lambert is in trouble because of his bad-ass brother Tony. While Woody is in his car, Tony and his friend hold up a convenience store with a fake gun. But Woody is arrested as an accomplice and the only one who can try and save him from the juvenile prison is, of course, Theo.

by Max Porter

English village lovers, this one's for you. There's a village not far away from London where past and present meet. There's also a legend of Dead Papa Toothwort, a figure green and leafy. But he is not dead, he's awake and listening, especially listening to the boy Lanny who recently transferred to the village with his family...

by Liv Constantine

Full of psychological suspense, this crime novel will make you turn pages fast. Kate English has it all, till one night her mother Lilly is found murdered. Soon afterwards Kate receives a note that she's about to be the next victim. There's no one else to reach out for help, except her estranged best friend Blaire who in no time starts to suspect everybody around: a friend, a neighbor, the loved one...

by Casey Cep

Are you aware that Harper Lee wasn't just famous for her To Kill a Mockingbird? She was also obsessed with the trial of the Reverend Willie Maxwell who was accused of murdering his five family members in Alabama. Lee spent a year there writing her own version of the crime but never published it. Casey Cep brings this crime story to live, simultaneously portraying this famous American writer.

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