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Our Top 5 of June New Books To Enjoy This Summer

As soon as summer kicks in, people start compiling their summer reading lists. They read competent recommendations in serious magazines, they follow the titles that are featured in their influencers ' hands, they listen to exciting reviews told by their colleagues, friends and other family members or they just sweep that book pile accumulated by their beds during the first six months of this year. No matter which way you choose to compose your list, we'd be pleased, if you also considered our Top 5 of new June books.

by Elizabeth Gilbert

The author of bestselling novel Eat, Pray, Love has returned with her new novel recommended for love story and pleasure fans. Told in New York in 1940s, the story is the memories of Vivian Morris who was just nineteen-year old at that time. Vivian is sent by her family to her aunt who owns a theatre. There she meets a number of charismatic characters. But one day Vivian makes a mistake that results in a professional scandal, which leads her to turn her world upside down and even to a love of her life.

by Jean Kwok

What a summer without a mystery drama? The author of Girl In Translation offers a family drama, which will make you turn page after page. The older daughter of the Lee family travels to Amsterdam to visit her dying grandmother and then disappears. Her younger sister Amy tries to reconstruct the last movements of her sister and find out what happened to her. But what Amy founds out is the complicated truth about Sylvie and the whole family.

by Ocean Vuong

This debut novel written by a well-known poet is going to move you with its power of storytelling. The novel is a letter of a son in his late twenties to his mother who cannot read. It tells a story of their family even before he was born, centered in Vietnam, and witnesses a complicated but sincere love between a single mother and her son, even if they live in totally disparate worlds.

by Lisa Jackson

How about a pinch of suspense? Rachel still has no idea how it could have happened many years ago when during their teenager games her air gun suddenly turned into a murder weapon and killed her half-brother Luke. As her high school reunion nears, she stars getting the feeling that somebody follows her and the stuff is moved at her house. And no matter how scared she is, Rachel cannot escape the past without revealing the truth.


by Ryan Jacobs

Non-fiction lovers might get into some thrilling plot, too. Especially when the object of the storytelling is such a precious value as deep dug truffles. You could have never possibly known how criminalized their supply chain is with all fraud, thefts, lies and sabotages. Time to know the truth.

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