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Hints For Your Summer Reading List

The notion of summer is measured in books read. The longer the list, the better. Because it means that your expectations have turned into blissful hours on the beach, bright moments in the retreated countryside or well-deserved time in complete solitude.

There's almost no possibility that you haven't got the list or a pile of actual books, which catches your eye as a living rebuke whenever your thoughts drift away into the vision of holidays. But in case you're wandering around through the depths of internet or circling your bookshelves in order to find your next summer read, here we are with a couple of useful links that might facilitate your holiday selection.

The New York Times has compiled a selection of 75 of the latest and greatest books, which you can look through by clicking here.

Meanwhile The Oprah Magazine offers an excellent summer collection of 32 books written by female authors. Click here to browse the list.

Have great holidays!

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