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Top 5 Of New September Books For Much Cooler Days

The mountain peaks in the Alps woke up this morning covered with snow. Only yesterday it was all about summer green and pleasant warmth but the night met the winds of changes. Though this perturbation is probably temporary, it still sounds like a reminder that your hot summer days are over. However, it brings a certain advantage. When it's rainy or windy or a day is under a dark burden of clouds, it's a right time to engage yourself in a happy reading. Especially when new September book releases ring the bell with the well-known names:

by Margaret Atwood

After TV series The Handmaid's Tale there isn't probably a person who doesn't know Margaret Atwood. The dystopian novel she wrote in 1985 had a very ambiguous ending. And finally the reader may find out what happened to Offred when she stepped into the van. The sequel begins fifteen years after the moment we left Offred to step into the unknown. The story is told by three female narrators from Gilead.

by Linwood Barclay

A perfect suspense novel is waiting for you. Four people enter an elevator in Manhattan but they never come out, as the elevator proceeds to the top and then drops right to the bottom. It might be just an accident but when the same type of tragedy starts occurring in a number of other skyscrapers, the panic and fear descend on the city. Who is doing this? A couple of detectives and a journalist are in a hurry to find out before the city's tallest building opening ceremony.

by Stephen King

Finally another novel from the master! One night the intruders murder the parents of Luke Ellis and take him away to a place called the Institute. He is locked there in the room similar to the one in his parents' house, only without a window. Soon Luke finds out that he is not alone here. There are other kids with special talents in their own rooms but day after day they are disappearing to Back Half and there is no escape from there. But Luke must get out somehow...

by Søren Sveistrup

If you have seen the original Scandinavian version of TV series The Killing, you'll be excited to know that the author of the series has debuted with his own crime novel, which is no less gripping than the movie. A serial killer is terrorizing Copenhagen. Each time he leaves a doll made of matches and two chestnuts at a crime scene - hence The Chestnut Man. A pair of detectives have to try hard to stop the madman.

by Caitlin Doughty

Non-fiction literature doesn't necessarily has to be serious and dull. The author of this book is a mortician in a real life who receives questions about death every day. As, for example, do people poop after they die. Therefore, she decided to gather all of them asked by children, so we could finally know what happens to the bodies after we die and how we decompose. There's even an explanation what would happen if we die on a plane.

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