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Elena Ferrante To Publish Her New Novel This Autumn

HBO TV series My Brilliant Friend

Do you know what to expect on November 7? It's not the end of the world but it will still make shake the bookworm society. Because it is the day when a new novel by Elena Ferrante will see the light of our world.

The famous and still mysterious Italian author who writes under the pseudonym of Elena Ferrante is to be presenting her new novel, though its title is still unknown. Her publisher Edizioni E/O announced the fact on Twitter quoting one of the novel's paragraphs but not giving away many more details what this book is going to be about, whether it is a sequel to the Neapolitan series or a standalone novel. The only thing that is clear - the plot is also set in Naples.

Ferrante's literary success of My Brilliant Friend and successive three novels in so-called Neapolitan quartet led to the HBO TV series. The second season covering the second book in the quartet is expected to air next year.

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