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Top 100 Of Best Books Since 2000

If somebody asked you to make a list of the best books published since 2000, what it would be? Not an easy task, don't you think? Especially, if you take into consideration the fact that just this year 1,961,700 new book titles were published and still counting (Worldometer's counter) (be aware this number won't be correct the very moment you start reading this article, as it has already increased by more than 150 titles by the time we finished writing it).

Luckily there're still people who take time to make valuable reading lists, as those from The Guardian. They have compiled the 100 best books of the 21st century, including mystery and crime thrillers like Gone Girl and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, bestselling Harry Potter, deeply touching Patrick Melrose novels, ecological realism reflected by The Six Extinction, lovely Irish emigrant story of Brooklyn, incredibly literary Cloud Atlas, the famous Neapolitan trilogy My Brilliant Friend and an extremely melancholic dystopia Never Let Me Go.

If you're still in doubt what to read this weekend, take a look at this list of best literature of the current century and have a good time.

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