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Top 5 Of New October Books To Embrace During Official Winter Time

With all the annual literary awards announced in October, the new books that are released this month somehow disappeared from the focus. Thus we are in a hurry to correct that lack of attention and introduce our Top 5 of new October books, all the more it sparkles with world famous authors, such as André Aciman, John Grisham, Elizabeth Strout, Lee Child and others. As temperatures are settling down for the second part of autumn, it might be worth revisiting your reading lists and adding some new titles.

by Elizabeth Strout

If you have enjoyed reading Olive Kitteridge by the Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout, you'll be fascinated to know that there's s finally a sequel. The character of an honest and empathetic Olive will continue to inspire the reader while struggling to understand her live and the lives of others surrounding her in the town of Crosby, Maine.

by John Grisham

This productive writer continues to amaze by releasing one more legal thriller, which is a real page-turner. One night a young lawyer is shot dead at his office. Soon a young black man Quincy is arrested and convicted for life. After twenty-two years he writes a letter to the organization called Guardian Ministries, which handles innocence cases. The founder of The Guardians Cullen Post accepts Quincy's case but soon he understands that he is about to confront powerful people who murdered the young lawyer and are determined to murder again.

by André Aciman

Those who loved Call Me By Your Name will be chilled. Elio and Oliver are coming back to their readers! Elio has become a gifted classical pianist. Oliver is a college professor and lives with his family in New England. It all begins when Elio's father meets a beautiful woman on a train to Rome and this encounter changes his life forever. Meanwhile Elio moves to Paris and Oliver starts contemplating his plans to travel back to Europe. And the reader is left with the same thought once again: if true love ever dies...

by Lee Child

Jack Reacher comes back for the 24th time. It all starts when Jack saves an old guy from an attempted robbery on the bus. But it seems that this old man is in a greater trouble than some mugger trying to steal his money. Though he refuses to accept Reacher's help. But will Jack stay out and let bad things happen?

by Bill Bryson

Those who prefer non-fiction readings must take a look at this title. Especially if you hated anatomy classes at school. Bill Bryson is a master of explaining complicated things in an understandable way. This time it's the human body he is exploring. He combines extraordinary facts and surprising stories to explain our physical and neurological activity and our body's remarkable ability to heal itself.

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