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December Top 5 of New Books for Cozy Holidays

Have you already checked how many books you've read this year? By no means we state that quantity matters but perhaps you've had your year's challenge and you're a couple of books short of your target? Therefore, our Top 5 of new December books might help you to complete your inner objectives or set the new ones for the upcoming year. Anyway, the most important thing is to never stop reading, isn't it?

by Thomas Keneally

The Australian author of the famous Schindler's Ark (for many known as Schindler's List) presents his recent creation. This time he tells a story of two men who have one thing in common - they're both dying. The only difference is the time they live or lived: there's a 42,000 years gap between them. Shady lives on the bank of the lake with his second wife, ready to sacrifice himself for his people. More than 40,000 years later Shady's remains are discovered in New South Wales and a documentary filmmaker Shelby gets fascinated about it.

by Nalini Singh

Let's travel to New Zealand for a gripping crime story. Anahera has left her home town Golden Cove with a promise to never return again, however, eight years later she is forced to return with despair. Nothing has changed in the town, only a woman disappeared after she went for a run. As it turns out that this is not the first case of disappearance, Anahera is asked to help the detective Will to investigate this crime and to delve into the secrets of Golden Cave.

by Perumal Murugan

Our literary travel continues and next stop is India. The well-known Indian writer explores the lives of rural farmers via the goat's point of view. One day a farmer is offered a week black goat and he and his wife agree to take care of it. Soon it becomes a healthy and happy animal, often giving its opinion on what it is like to be an animal and other subjects. However, goat's happy life isn't going to last...

by Sara Shepard

If you're familiar with the peripeteia of Pretty Little Liars, you'll know what to expect from Sara Shepard. Her new novel is full of twists and turns. The hacker reveals a huge number of emails belonging to people related to Aldrich University on a searchable database. All lies and affairs surface followed by a murder of Kit's husband. Her sister Willa is an investigative reporter and she is determined to find out what has really happened.

by Caroline de Maigret, Sophie Mas

Our Top 5 journey ends in Paris. This non-fiction book is more for those women who are about to hit forty. With a help of witty short stories the authors capture the different stages of ageing but from the Parisian woman mindset's perspective.

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