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Jo Nesbo's Fans Already Await For The Kingdom

Jo Nesbo Photo: Douglas O'Connor

Norwegian best-selling crime writer Jo Nesbo is busy as a beaver. Just last year we finally enjoyed his sequel to Hary Hole series - Knife, and there's a new message from the author that his new novel The Kingdom is to be published September 2020.

This time it's going to be a standalone, as gripping as all Jo's other thrillers with a plot "as explosive and compulsive as any of the Harry Hole novels."

Jo Nesbo The Kingdom

However, the plot of the novel is only scarcely revealed as the following: "In the mountains of Norway a man lives a peaceful existence. However one day his younger brother, always the more successful and charming of the two, turns up to visit, accompanied by his new wife. It soon turns out that the little brother is not quite as angelic as he seems."

You can pre-order your copy here.

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