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Top 5 Of New February Books

Reading in winter (Hotel Enzian)

Are you enjoying this extremely mild and warm month of February? With the exception of some fierce storms, this winter beats all the records. For example, it is the warmest winter since 1864 in Switzerland. Not to mention the anomalies in Antarctica. When the weather is so pleasant, it's difficult to stay inside and engage in some static indoor activity. Except book reading. Sun or snow, a true book lover will always find a minute to enjoy their passion. The most important thing is to have what to read. Our Top 5 of new February releases won't leave you without this choice:

by Margarita Montimore

If you'd like to travel in time, this novel will certainly satisfy your wish. Oona Lockhart is a nineteen-year-old young lady on New Year's Eve 1982 who suddenly faints on a threshold of the year and when comes back to her senses she is in her future and in her fifty-one-year-old body. But this is not just the unique leap. Every year Oona starts to jump back and force through her life, still being the same young lady inside. Who will she be next year?


Needy for a thrilling suspense? Here's a crime novel that won't let you put the book down. In 1982 Viv Delaney is a night clerk at a Sun Down Motel in a small town of Fell, New York. But she feels that there's something not right about this place and is determined to find out what all those secrets are about but disappears. In 2017 Carly Kirk comes back to the motel in order to discover what happened to her aunt and uncover all the mysteries.

by Brandon Taylor

This one is for those who hope for an emotional reading. A black gay young man Wallace is working hard for his biochemistry degree at Midwestern university. Being an introvert, Wallace tries to keep a safe distance even from his closest friends. But one weekend a series of unexpected confrontations with his colleagues and a straight white man shatters Wallace's defense giving way to hostility and desire.

by Jess Kidd

If you adore good old Gothic mysteries, this novel will spellbind you. A female detective Bridie Devine must find a disappeared young girl who is known to have supernatural powers. Winding the narrow and dangerous streets of Victorian with a help of rather unearthly characters Bridie should find the strength to set the boundaries between the real and a fairy tale and find the girl.

by Roman Dial

The National Geographic Explorer Roman Dial tells a real story of his two-year search for his missing son. In 2014 his son Cody walked alone into Corcovado National Park, an untracked rainforest along Costa Rica’s remote Pacific Coast that shelters miners, poachers, and drug smugglers, and never came back. This is not only a documentary but a shocking story of genuine love and painful loss.

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