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TOP 5 Of New May Books

Top 5 of New May Books 2020

Time flies by, spring rushes in bloom but the world is stand-still as ever. Those who two months ago cheered about finally living the life they always wanted, quality time for their family and themselves, now hardly sound so enthusiastic about anything. Book stacks remain untouched with promises wasted or thrust down into the deepest pocket. If we are wrong about this, then we are happy. Because we have our TOP 5 of the newest May books for you to check out and we'd like to see your eager eye:

by Suzanne Collins

It's finally here! The long awaited prequel to The Hunger Games is ready to conquer its fans. The story pulls us back to sixty-four years before Katniss Everdeen entered the Hunger Games. And it all starts on the morning of the reaping of the Tenth Hunger Games...

by Heather Gudenkauf

There's nothing cozier than a gripping murder mystery. Twenty-five years ago Maggie found a body of her best friend Eve in the cave near their hometown Grotto. Unfortunately, the case went cold with no culprit to charge. Now Maggie is a detective in Grotto when a new evidence in her friend's case fosters to reopen it. However, there are secrets that the town will tend to keep buried no matter what...

by Curtis Sittenfeld

This one is an interesting piece of fiction, involving a still active political figure who almost became the first female US president. Yes, the novel is about Hillary Clinton, née Rodham. However, it's not an autobiographical follow-up of the rising political star but a rather imaginary story of what could have happened, if Hillary hasn't married Bill Clinton. In the novel she leaves Arkansas after a breakup with Bill before their marriage and pursuits a career of her own for the next four decades.

by Scott Turow

The bestselling author presents his newest page-turner with all attributes of a wonderful legal thriller. An 85-year-old defense lawyer Alejandro Stern is preparing for his final retirement when his old friend, a Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, is charged with fraud and murder. Stern agrees to take on his last trial, which will question everything that he knew about his friend because evidence and truth often are the shoes of the different pairs.

by Liam Vaughan

This month non-fiction entry in our TOP 5 resembles a fictional financial crime story we see in the movies. Well, it actually will be turned into the feature film starring Dev Patel! But reading it, you'll have an opportunity to explore it in more detail. This is a story of a trading prodigy Navinder Singh Sarao who build a system from his childhood bedroom to help him earn millions until one day FBI knocked at his door...

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