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New TV Adaptation Of Stephen King's The Stand Is About To Be Released

The Stand 2020 Miniseries

There's no better time than now to start a remake of The Stand, one of the most notorious novels by Stephen King. CBS All Access wrapped up the production of the new version this March, though the airing is still to be determined. However, two ultimate determinants of success in the current unfortunate period of events - the topic of a deadly virus and King novel's adaptation on TV - will make sure the show scoops up the very cream with a cherry on top.

The novel, written in 1978, tells about a a global pandemic that wipes out almost 99 percent of population in the world. The resting part divides into two groups, one run in a free and lawful way and the other resulting in dictatorship. After numerous confrontations and clashes, finally the both groups have to take the stand.

Newly adapted The Stand will be starring James Marsden and Alexander Skarsgaard as Stuart Redman and Randall Flagg. Unlike the older ABC adaptation of 1994, this show will not follow the chronology of King's book, so there won't be a linear story-telling as in its predecessor.

So if you're already keen on watching a new TV show, you still have time to prepare yourselves and read Stephen King's novel or at least watch the ABC miniseries.

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