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Serving You New May Action And Horror Movies

The Lovebirds (Netflix)

No trips to the movies, no action. Though some cinema theatres are in the process of opening again or have adapted to the old good alternative of drive-in movies, the major premieres of the year are all postponed for the sake of better times. However, it doesn't leave us with a second-rate halfpenny production for our nights and weekends, as, despite the halting world of entertainment, new movies are still popping up via available channels. So here's a list of new May action, horror, fantasy and animation releases, in case you're short of want-to-see titles this month:


Plot Synopsis: Kyle and Swin live by the orders of an Arkansas-based drug kingpin named Frog, whom they've never met. But when a deal goes horribly wrong, the consequences are deadly.

Plot Synopsis: The story of an unlikely friendship between a young boy searching for his father, and a wandering loner hiding from his past.

Plot Synopsis: A retired veteran hunting in Northern Maine stumbles across a dead woman and a large sum of money.


Plot Synopsis: A couple (Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani) experiences a defining moment in their relationship when they are unintentionally embroiled in a murder mystery.


Plot Synopsis: A defiant teenage boy, struggling with his parent's imminent divorce, faces off with a thousand year-old witch, who is living beneath the skin of and posing as the woman next door.


Plot Synopsis: In the twilight of the 1950s, on one fateful night in New Mexico, young switchboard operator Fay and charismatic radio DJ Everett discover a strange audio frequency that could change their small town and the future forever.



Plot Synopsis: Scooby and the gang face their most challenging mystery ever: a plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this dogpocalypse, the gang discovers that Scooby has an epic destiny greater than anyone imagined.



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