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Best Italian Novel 2020 Announced

Wanna know the best book 2020 in Italy? Last week the most prestigious Italian book award - Premio Strega - has announced its winner. This year the award went to Sandro Veronesi and his novel Il Colibrì (The Hummingbird).

Established in 1947, Premio Strega indicates the reading preferences of Italian people. From 605 jury voters, 200 votes when to Veronesi's Il Colibrì and secured the victory for this novel. It is a story of Marco Carrera, who had a growth disorder as a child, and therefore, has been called 'the hummingbird'. The well known Italian writer, who has also won the Premio Stega in 2016 for his novel Caos Calmo (Quiet Chaos), this year presented a beautiful novel about pain and the agonizing power of life. The book is predicted to be published in English in May 2021.

Gianrico Carofiglio and his novel La misura del tempo was voted the second with 132 votes, meanwhile Valeria Parrella (Almarina) was left third with 86 votes.

Last year Premio Strega was awarded to Antonio Scurati's M. Il Figlio del Secolo.


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