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The 77th Venice Film Festival Carries On!

The 77th Venice Film Festival

Yesterday evening has brought joy and happiness to the world of professional cinematography. The 77th Venice Film Festival was opened on Wednesday (September 2) without postponements or cancellations. The Golden Lion will be finally awarded live on September 12 during the closing award ceremony.

18 new films are entering the prestigious Venezia 77 Competition. You can explore this selection here. Apart from major competition, the Festival also presents the following sections: Out of Competition, Orizzonti, and Biennale College - Cinema.

Though anyone with a temperature above 37.5°C is being denied entry and face masks are mandatory at this year’s event, the director of the festival Alberto Barbera was proud to withstand his decision to go on with the festival: “The feeling of watching a film on the large screen with other people is in the very nature of the film industry. We have to support cinemas. Many are still closed today, others will never open again.”

This year's Festival lacks a number of Hollywood stars and focused more on the European neighborhood, but it welcomes such celebrities as Cate Blanchett, Matt Dillon, Ludivine Sagnier and Tilda Swinton, Actually the latter yesterday was given a lifetime achievement award.

The 77th Venice Flm Festival is a real kick-start after the whole film industry went to a long halt. Let's celebrate it and wait for the award winners.

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