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Gripping Top 5 Of New March Books

Spring reads should be special. So compelling and unique, engaging and irreplaceable that would prevent you from hurrying outside to enjoy colorful magnolias bursting with majestic blossoms, sun rays caressing your pale face and first glasses of wine on the terrace. Let's see if our TOP 5 of new March books could do the job:

by Eleanor Catton

Here's a new book by the Booker Prize-winning author. A young woman in her late twenties, Mira, runs a guerrilla gardening group called Birnam Wood, who plant crops in forgotten parks, neglected backyards or even the sides of the road. But they are struggling to stay afloat. Until Mira finds a perfect land for their crops. However, Robert Lemoine, an American billionaire, has spotted the same land plot for his end-times bunker. Will Mira and her kind of anarchist group cooperate with this antagonist despite their opposite ideas? You'll never guess where this novel will take you till the very end.

by Jesse Q. Sutanto

There's nothing more gripping than a nosy and smart lady investigating a murder. Vera Wong lives above her tiny tea shop in Chinatown of San Francisco and likes to spy on her son on the Internet. But one morning she finds a corpse in her shop downstairs and notices a flash drive in his hand. Vera calls the cops but decides to keep the flash drive for herself and find the killer because he will return for the flash drive, no doubt. Her shop becomes popular after the murder and Vera makes friends with her customers, so how she's going to give one of them to the police?

by Gina Chung

If you've seen the documentary My Octopus Teacher, you'll definitely like this novel as well. Ro feels alone and stuck. She's estranged from her mother, her boyfriend left for the mission to Mars (the plot takes place in the future) and she still misses her father, a marine biologist, who disappeared while on expedition many years ago. Ro's only friend is Dolores, a giant Pacific octopus at the mall aquarium where Ro works but when Dolores is sold to an investor to be taken away to a private aquarium, Ro finds herself staring into the abyss.

by William Landay

One more murder mystery that will keep you wondering till the very end. Jane Larking disappeared twenty years ago. Her daughter Miranda has come from school and couldn't find her, as if she vanished without a trace. Jane's husband Dan became the prime suspect but there was no evidence, so the case was left unsolved. But twenty years later Jane's remains are found and investigation begins anew. Three Jane's children will have to choose sides: is their father guilty or not?

by Matthew Desmond

The author received the Pulitzer Prize for his previous book Evicted but this new one is going to make the same impact as its predecessor. In this book Desmond deconstructs the phenomenon of poverty in America and its myth by means of exploring history, research and original reporting to demonstrate that the upper and middle class deliberately and non-deliberately continue to keep poor people poor. The book not also proves the latter but also calls for poverty abolitionism as well as suggests what solutions could possibly end poverty as it is.


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