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John Grisham Will Come Back This October With NonFiction

True crime story fans meet John Grisham. This relentless bestselling author is coming back this October with a new book. Only this time with nonfiction and in collaboration with Centurion Ministries Founder Jim McCloskey, he offers an inside look at the injustice faced by the victims of the United States criminal justice system. The book is a called Framed.

"Since I published The Innocent Man in 2006, I have wanted to write more true stories about wrongful convictions," says Grisham in his newest newsletter. "From a pure storytelling perspective, they are incredible because the drama has so many layers: Suffering, corruption, waste, faith, perseverance, and, hopefully, redemption - it's all there in every case. From a motral perspective, it is imperative for a society to face and correct injustice. Jim McCloskey, the founder of Centurion Ministries, has lived that example by laboring for 45 years to free the innocent, and knows these heartbreaking tales better than anyone. We decided to write about and focus on the ten most astonishing cases, and publish them as Framed. There are hundreds of others."

The book is out on October 8, 2024.

You can preorder it here.


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