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Netflix And Jo Nesbo Are Bringing Harry Hole To The Screens

It's finally happening! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is teaming with the bestselling Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo for Harry Hole series.

Jo Nesbo, famous for his brilliant but complicated Oslo detective Harry Hole, will be in charge of the script for upcoming Netflix Nordic noir series. Although Harry Hole is still a working title, Netflix already confirmed that the series will begin with the adaptation of The Devil's Star, the fifth Harry Hole novel. Oysten Karlsen is invited to direct.

There has already been an English adaptation of The Snowman, another Harry Hole novel, on the big screens in 2017 directed by Tomas Alfredson and starring Michael Fassbender as the famous detective. However, the movie received more parodies and memes than praise, and perhaps that's why Jo Nesbo decided to do the job himself and get into screenwriting for the first time.


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