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New October Comedy Movies For A Funny Halloween

It's not necessarily has to be scary on a Halloween Monday. We could make it a funny day, especially when October offers so many new comedy movies. Here's what's on the menu for tonight:

Plot Synopsis: Feature film based on the children's book about a crocodile that lives in New York City.

Plots Synopsis: Jack and Lindsay are invited on a getaway trip with affluent strangers: down the rabbit hole, and into the most unhinged weekend of their lives. Can their relationship survive?

Plot Synopsis: A fashion model celebrity couple join an eventful cruise for the super-rich.

Plot Synopsis: It is a modern fairytale - with zombies. A satire and a celebration of family values, of the imagery of horror films, of suburban life, of the American Dream and of the ultimate taboo; death.

Plot Synopsis: After accidentally killing a vegan activist, a struggling butcher chops up the body and sells the meat to his customers. With business now booming, he and his wife search for more victims to satisfy their clientele's growing demand.

Plot Synopsis: A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago.

Plot Synopsis: Two lifelong friends find themselves at an impasse when one abruptly ends their relationship, with alarming consequences for both of them.

Plot Synopsis: Half brothers Raymond and Ray reunite when their estranged father dies - and discover that his final wish was for them to dig his grave. Together, they process who they've become as men, both because of their father and in spite of him.



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