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New September Action And Thriller To Complere Your Days

Getting back into your fall routine? Early morning rise, traffic jammed rush to work, spreadsheets, zoom calls, never-ending emails, a minute-long lunch break, and calls and meetings once again, rush hour, supermarket, dinner-time with your family, and finally a couch with a non-biding action and thriller. This is our favourite part of the day. And if there's something you hurry up to watch on the big screen, then the allure of this night is going to last at least till another afternoon. But you have to know what's on in cinemas first. This is where our handout of new September action and thriller movies steps in:

Plot Synopsis: A small group of Russian soldiers have the task of taking Hitler's discovered remains back to Stalin in Moscow.

Plot Synopsis: A puppet is brought to life by a fairy, who assigns him to lead a virtuous life in order to become a real boy.

Plot Synopsis: In 2003, a trio of mercenaries escaping a coup in Guinea-Bissau take refuge in a hidden region on the Saloum river of Senegal. But something from beyond the grave awaits them there.

Plot Synopsis: Hours after the tragic death of their youngest brother in unexplained circumstances, three siblings have their lives thrown into chaos.

Plot Synopsis: This is the story of Shiva who sets out in search of love and self-discovery. During his journey, he has to face many evil forces that threaten our existence.

Plot Synopsis: In this high-octane action thriller, a cross-country road trip becomes a highway to hell for Brenda and her family. Alone in the New Mexico desert, they have to fight for their lives when they become the targets of a mysterious killer.

Plot Synopsis: The story of fifteenth century Czech icon and warlord Jan Zizka, who defeated armies of the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire.

Plot Synopsis: A historical epic inspired by true events that took place in The Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the most powerful states of Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Plot Synopsis: When a college professor confronts two hunters she catches trespassing on her property, she's drawn into an escalating battle of wills with catastrophic consequences.

Plot Synopsis: West Point cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise in upstate New York are drawn by a gruesome discovery into a forgotten community.

Plot Synopsis: A storm rages. A young girl is kidnapped. Her mother teams up with the mysterious woman next door to pursue the kidnapper, a journey that tests their limits and exposes shocking secrets from their pasts.

Plot Synopsis: The film follows a famed bounty hunter who runs into his sworn enemy, a professional gambler and outlaw that he had sent to prison years before.

Plot Synopsis: A girl with unusual powers escapes from a mental asylum and tries to make it on her own in New Orleans.



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