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Top 5 Of New August Books To Complete Your Summer

If you're still enjoying hot summer days somewhere far away from your routine worries and tasks, you're the lucky one. Because there are those who already cast nostalgic glances back to their careless days and nights while getting up early for their boring chores. Only reading before sleep might help to reenforce those happy memories of the time on the beach. So take a look at our Top 5 of new August releases and rewind those moments:

by Ann Patchett

If you're looking for an intelligent story with subtle emotions, this novel is right for you. Three Lara's daughters return home and while picking cherries ask their mother to tell them about a famous actor with whom she was in love at a theatre company called Tom Lake years before Lara had her family. Her story makes her daughters reconsider the world and their previous knowledge of it.

by Karin Slaughter

Will Trent fans will be thrilled to have another crime thriller involving this GBI Special agent and the doctor Sara Linton. Fifteen years ago Sara was brutally attacked but step by step she managed to leave the past behind. Until one day she sees a young woman delivered to ER who was also brutally attacked, and the attack is actually linked to Sara's. Will is on investigation to untangle both assaults.

by Madeline Martin

This one is for all book lovers, as it manifests the power of books and tells a true story about an underground library in WWII Warsaw. Zofia always had her books and her best friend Janina in her life. But with the Nazi occupation destroying the city, she must save the books and her friend solved. Zofia even forms a clandestine book club but with a cruel destruction around she is left with her only weapon - literature - to fight for her friend and her reading community.

by Alice Feeney

Those who know this author are well-aware of her plot twists and surprises. Twenty years ago a baby is stolen from a stroller. Twenty years later a woman is murdered in a care home. Those two crimes are somehow interconnected. Three women having no trust in each other will try to solve this mystery and answer the questions what happened to the baby and her mother who lost her and how all of this is linked together.

by Amy Jeffs

Nonfiction fans are offered a kind of fiction anyway, as this time it's a collection of legends for those who love myths, folklore and mysticism that feature identity and culture of Britain and its descendants. Readers will be carried towards beautiful and sacred places in Britain, such as Stonehenge and Wayland's Smithy, mountains, lakes and rivers from the ages of giants to the founding of Britain, England, Wales, and Scotland, the birth of Christ, the wars between Britons, Saxons and Vikings, and, finally, the arrival of the Normans.


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