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Top 5 Of New February Books

Have you noticed that we've been living in a perfect February? It began on Monday and after four complete weeks will end on Sunday, in order for March to start on Monday again. Perhaps it's more than fair that the last winter month is the shortest when out patience is accelerating its oozing through the fingers, longing for green fields and warmth. It's the last week to go, at least calendar wise. And then you can count your completed winter reading list. Or still add some new titles from new February book publications to carry on:

by Leesa Cross-Smith

Those who appreciate a powerful story-telling will love this novel. On a way home a recently divorced therapist Tallie notices a man standing on the side of the bridge. She prevents him from jumping and talks him into having a cup of coffee at her house. This is how an emotional weekend begins for two strangers. Told from two perspectives, the story unfolds the reasons that brought Emmett to the bridge and Tallie to the life she owns.

by Jane Harper

Here's one more page-turner from a bestselling crime novel author. This time the action takes place in Tasmania. Twelve years ago a tragedy in the ocean took away the lives of Kieran's brother Finn and his friend. On the same day a fifteen year old girl went missing. Now Kieran has returned home due to family matters and just the day after his return a young girl is found dead on the beach. Can it be connected to what happened in the past and what had exactly happened then?

by Melissa Broder

This one is a very modern story, which includes all major ingredients of a bestselling novel - humour, imagination and erotics. Rachel's mother has raised her into tradition of calorie counting and now, being twenty-four, Rachel is a true believer in calorie restriction. Until her therapists talks her into taking a 90-day communication detox from her mother. This is when Rachel meets Miriam and all kinds of her inner appetites suddenly come to surface...

by Abigail Dean

This book has already been featured in our lookout for best debut 2021. Lex Gracie is a Girl A, the one who escaped from her parents' House of Horrors. She tries not to think back about her past but when her mother dies in prison and leaves her the house, there is no other option than to face the childhood she and her siblings experienced and shared. But each of the siblings has their own memories and secrets.

by Elizabeth Kolbert

If you've read The Six Extinction by the Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Kolbert, you'll definitely want to read this book, too. Whereas in her previous book the writer has explored how people have already destructed and reshaped the natural world, in her new work Kolbert examines how in turn our scientific and industrial achievements might help to save the very same nature from extinction.


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