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Top 5 Of New February Books To Keep You Focused On Reading

The mind just kept wandering away to the more routine stuff like a tough project deadline, a mistake made in the estimations, which has been a pain in the ass for the last couple of days until finally discovered or a simple question of what to serve for dinner on Friday for your visiting friends. And therefore the last sentence you've read suddenly didn't make any sense, as the whole page has just dissolved in your other thoughts losing the thread and the meaning. How often do you wander away while reading? To maintain focus is never easy when the story isn't really gripping and engaging or even becomes tiresome. So finding a right book for your occasion, your taste and mood is a key. Try our TOP 5 of new February books for your perfect match:

by Julie Otsuka

For the ones who enjoy heartfelt prose and spellbinding storytelling, here's a new novel by the award winning author Julie Otsuka. Alice is diagnosed with some form of dementia and thus is following a disciplined swimming routine. However, one day a crack appears at the bottom of the swimming pool and it is shut down throwing Alice into chaotic reality. As the dementia progresses Alice is taken to a nursery home. The story is narrated by Alice's daughter and reveals not only her mother's memories but also their mutual relations, which lacked togetherness and sincere communication in the past.

by Lan Samantha Chang

Murder mystery fans will get a chance to untangle the case together with three Chao brothers. The Fine Chao restaurants are loved by their customers for delicious Americanized Chinese food. But when the owner - Big Leo Chao - is found presumably murdered, his three sons are brought into a spotlight as possible killers. All three of them have had motives to kill their father but you never going to guess who did it till the every end.

by Sheila Heti

If you're looking for something experimental, weird but funny, Pure Colour is the one for you. Mira loves her father and when she leaves home for her studies she meets Annie, an orphan who studies to be an art critic. But suddenly the novel widens into a broader concept showing the world as the latest draft of God, which soon will be changed into an updated and improved version. So everything is possible, even joining your father's soul in a leaf on a tree after his death.

by Lucy Foley

This bestselling author presents her readers with another mystery novel. This time it is about Jess who is miserable and broke, and asks her half-brother Ben to let her stay with him for a while in Paris. But when she shows up in his apartment, he's nowhere to be found. Jess starts to look for Ben and every neighbor she meets seems a perfect candidate for a suspect.

by Neil Bradbury

There's nothing so fascinating as exploring real deals. So here's an excellent mix of science and crime, which researches how eleven well-known poisons affect the body, the evidence being the real-life murders in which they were used. If you are into criminology or consider yourself a crime historian, this book should definitely land on your bookshelf.


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