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Top 5 Of New January Books For Your First Year Read

What will be your first book read in 2022? Strangely we have noticed the tendency to start the year with something meaningful, profound and value-added, as all light readings are left for lazy days of the holiday season. On the other hand, a serious novel is a perfect representation of your own high intentions towards set objectives and personal resolutions. It might be the case or it might be not, anyway, there's always a book, which is going to be your first each year. If you still haven't decided or lack an idea, our Top 5 of new January book releases might hint in the right direction:

This novel is for those who enjoy reading about complexities of the current world. The plot of the novel takes place in the wake of Hurricane Maria, however not in Puerto Rico but in New York City. Olga, a wedding planner for ultra-riches, and her brother Prieto, a congressman, being in their 40s, still have no grip on their personal life. Twenty-seven years ago their mother abandoned them turning into a true radical and occasionally teaching them the values of revolution in her letters. So while Hurricane Maria is devastating their native Puerto Rico, Olga and Prieto have to face their life choices and to find the right path.

If you fancy Emma Stone on TV, you must definitely read this crime novel, as it is already optioned for the limited series with this incredible actress. When Chloe was twelve her father was arrested as a serial killer for murdering six teenage girls. Twenty years later Chloe is working as a psychologist and getting ready for her wedding when local girls start going missing and Chloe must question herself if she is paranoid or is it the second time in her life when she is in the whirlpool of unmasking the killer.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara was a real tearjerker, so try her new novel for another emotional peak. The novel consists of three separate stories with only tenuous connection between them. The first one circles in an alternate version of America in 1893 where a young man coming from an old wealthy family tries to resist its will to marry a worthy suitor because he is attracted to a charming music teacher. The second story takes place in 1993 where a young Hawaiian man lives with an older partner and tries to hide his troubled childhood and the fate of his father. Meanwhile the third story navigates a young woman through 2093 where she tries to find out where her husband disappears on his free weekly night. Overall, this book is about love, family, and loss.

The suspense lovers should take a look at this title. A serial killer Ansel Packer is about to be executed within twelve hours. He knows what he's done but he still doesn't want to die, he want to be understood. Ansel's life story is told through three women in his life - his mother, his sister-in-law and the detective who caught him. The novel focuses on the victims and the families they left instead of looking for a popular meaning in the deeds of violent killers.

This time non-fiction section is partially referred to the murder mystery. If you're a long-time fan of Twin Peaks, it's your obligation to dive into the very origin of the murder of Laura Palmer. Only her real name was Hazel Drew. In 1908 Hazel was pond floating in Teal's Pond beaten to death. Who killed her? And who was Hazel Drew, a beauty with a handful of secrets. And did officials really investigated her murder instead of protecting the guilty?


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