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Top 5 Of New July Books To Overtop Your Summer Reading List

There are tons of recommendations of what to read this summer you can find on the internet, and all of them contain the attractive titles you would definitely like to carry in your bag during your holidays. Well, we are not an exception in terms of "selling" our preferred ones. July has brought to surface new novels that might make a perfect company for you on the beach, so take a sneak peek into our TOP 5 of new July books to broaden your horizons:

by Gabrielle Zevin

If you're looking for a non-conventional love story, this one should engage you at once. During his junior year at Harvard Sam meets Sadie and their professional collaboration begins its star climb. They have known each other from the childhood, and both delving into business together before even being twenty-five they are successful and rich. But is it enough to protect their hearts from betrayals?

by Megan Miranda

Want some well-built murder mystery to read on the beach? For the last ten years Abigail is managing the Passage Inn in a small resort town famous for rafting and hiking. But one day a journalist goes missing who was staying in the inn and investigating the story of a vanishing trail. When his brother comes looking for answers, Abigail is forced to discover how little she knows about the people surrounding her, even the closest ones.

by Morgan Talty

This one is rather a niche reading but very good, especially if you'd like to know what it means to be a Native American in the twenty-first century. The book is a collection of twelve stories portraying the life of a Native community living in reservation in Maine. The stories deal with a lot of loss, struggling with a painful past but are full of humour and wit. Interconnected by struggles and trauma of David and his family, they form a remarkable work of fiction to enjoy.

by Jennifer Hillier

Need a page-turning thriller? Paris is arrested holding a straight razor for killing her celebrity husband. But twenty-five years ago Ruby was convicted of the similar murder and she knows Paris' secrets and who she really is. Thus Paris is not only worried about her murder charges but also about her exposure and confrontation with her dark past which now might be equal to two homicides.

by Ellen Jovin

If you use your holidays for your own education, take a look at this book of tips from a true grammarian. The book tackles all kinds of questions and issues that are on people's minds related to grammar and words: from the Oxford comma to common errors made in online dating profiles. So, if you're fascinated with language, don't miss an opportunity to dive into this linguistic debate.


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