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Top 5 Of New June Books For Easy Summer Reading

Summer vibes certainly do their job. This is the third crime novel we are reading in the row instead of opening a more sophisticated read that is peeking at us as a direct reproach from a bookshelf. But why fight yourselves, if everything your mind needs is an easy gripping story to relax and instantaneously forget? Follow your inner desires and choose your next read from our TOP 5 of new June books, which are well-tailored for easy-going summer evenings:

by Sloane Crosley

This novel is like no other and it is a real page-turner. Lola is engaged but has doubts about Boots being the one. And one night strange things start to happen when she steps out of her work reunion dinner to buy a pack of cigarettes and meets her ex boyfriend, and then another... and another. Is this some kind of coincidence or maybe it's Lola's former boss who has something to do with it all? Be prepared for an unexpected outcome!

by Fiona Barton

A classic new crime novel from a well-known author of The Widow. Elise King is a successful detective on a medical leave because of a breast cancer. She lives in a small seaside town Ebbing where the locals try to fight the new weekenders and resist the town change. When the latter organize the festival in the town, a man goes missing, and Elise is drawn back into her detective role to find out what happened.

by Leila Mottley

This debut novel by a very young writer constitutes a voice unlike no other. Kiara and her brother Marcus live in East Oakland and struggle to meet the ends. But meanwhile Marcus is sinking in his musical career dreams, Kiara tries to find the work to pay the rent and food. One night Kiara lands with the job she accepts only because she desperately needs it: nightcrawling. Soon, struggling with her life, Kiara finds out that she is also listed as a key witness in a massive scandal within the Oakland Police Department.

by Kate Khavari

There's nothing better than a historical mystery featuring both historical facts and engaging adventure. This time it is London in 1923. A research assistant Saffron Everleigh attends a dinner party where the wife of one of the professors drops dead poisoned by an unknown toxin. Her mentor, Dr. Maxwell, is accused of the murder, and Saffron must use her knowledge of botany to uncover the truth and save the university's expedition to the Amazon.

by Ed Yong

If you're more a non-fiction fan, this month we offer you a grand tour by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author to the world as it is truly perceived by the animals. You'll make a handful of stunning discoveries, like the fact that a crocodile's scaly face is as sensitive as a lover's fingerprints or that even scallops have complex vision.


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