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Top 5 Of New March Books For The Opening Spring

“I have always imagined paradise as a kind of library,” said Jorge Luis Borges. So perhaps, as the world is turning into hell on its own, to stay put and not on your wit's end you should find the way into this imaginary paradise where reading a book can transform into salvation of your sanity. And meanwhile books are being violently burned in the bombarded apartments together with hopes and lives of millions of innocent people in the country, which has done nothing wrong, not reading books reduces anyone to a dumb order-executing zombie. Keep reading and take a look at our Top 5 of new March releases:

It's not summer yet but why not skip your mind to Amalfi coast in Italy together with the main heroine Katy. Katy and her mother were very close and when her mother dies she feels devastated for losing her best adviser and friend but also for the trip to Positano they have planned for so long. Katy goes on vacation alone feeling her mother's spirit floating next to her but when she reaches the Italian resort her mother Carol appears in flesh and alive and only thirty years old like she was before Katy...

This one is a gripping murder mystery you won't want to miss. In 1977 in Oregon two men were killed. An eccentric Beth was accused of these murders but acquitted. Forty years later Shea, a local receptionist, has a hobby to follow cold cases and runs a website called A Book of Cold Cases. She asks Beth who lives in her mansion in a solitude for an interview and surprisingly she gets a yes. Shea starts visiting Beth in her mansion but is she talking to a real manipulative murderer or are there other dangers lurking around?

If you'd like to read something emotional, this novel is just right for you. Greta is an indie music star but her journey to the fame wasn't easy when she browsed her guitar in the garage supported by her only fan - her mother. Her father Conrad wasn't supportive at all. So Greta tries to prove him wrong all of her life till her mother suddenly dies and she experiences a total meltdown on the stage, which crazily goes viral. Only to hide away she agrees to accompany her father on the cruise to Alaska during which she will be forced to make a challenging decision of her life.

Last March it was Every Last Fear, this March Alex Finlay stands out with The Night Shift. On a New Year's Eve four teenage girls working a night shift at Blockbuster Videos are attacked and only one survives. Fifteen years later four teenage employees of an ice scream shop in the same town are attacked as well with only one survivor left. All this lets three lives to intersect: one - of the girl who survived the Blockbuster attack, the other - of the brother of a primary suspect and the third - of the FBI agent determined to solve both cases. But will they succeed and stay alive?

They say it is one of the most anticipated non-fiction books of this year by Vogue, BuzzFeed, Bustle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. The book is a blend of witty personal stories featuring perhaps the most monumental cultural transformation of our century - the mainstreaming of lesbian culture.


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