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Top 5 Of New May Books

If you're counting the days till the new crime novels by Camilla Làckberg and Jo Nesbo enter the spotlight in the end of this month, you're probably don't need any other distraction. However, if you're not so into Scandinavian noir, there's our TOP 5 of new May publications that might get your attention and grip with their fiction and non-fiction stories:

by R. F. Kuang

This is a story of not only a stolen manuscript but also of a global problem of cultural appropriation. June and Athena are both debuting in the publishing world but June is not a successful one. So when she witnesses Athena's death in an accident, she steals her just finished novel about contribution of Chinese laborers in WWI on impulse and sends it to her agent as her own. Under a pseudonym of Juniper Song, June becomes a bestselling author. But the emerging evidence that she stole the novel threatens to destroy this success, and June is determined to keep her secret at any cost.

by T. J. Newman

Ready for an action thriller? Just right after a takeoff the plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean. The evacuation goes wrong when the engine explodes, and the remaining twelve passengers sink to the bottom inside the plane. Among them is the engineer Will Kent and his eleven-year-old daughter Shannon who are waiting for the elite rescue team led by a professional diver Chris who also appears to be Shannon's mother and Will's soon-to-be-ex-wife. Will and Chris have to find the way how to get them all out of the plane alive when the time and the air is quickly running out.

by Mikki Brammer

This one is for those who are fascinated by a death topic. Clover Brooks has become a death doula after experiencing a number of death in her childhood and feeling a strong connection with the dying. But spending so much time with those leaving the life, she has totally abandoned the life of her own. Only when an old dying woman sends her on a trip to uncover an old love story, Clover is finally forced to start facing the living and examine what she really wants.

by Vanessa Walters

This twisty debut novel will make you read it in one sit. Nicole has left London after marrying a wealthy Nigerian man and now has a perfect life in Nigeria, in a community of foreign women married to Nigerians. But one day Nicole disappears on a boat trip without a trace. Her Auntie Claudine comes to Nigeria to find out what happened, and soon uncovers that her niece's life was filled with secrets and even violence. Moreover, this investigation threatens Claudine's own history to hit the surface.

by Ruta Sepetys

We know this author for her bestselling history fiction, but this time it's her turn to give advise for aspiring writers on how to make your story by looking inward and finding your own memories that could shape your characters of fiction and provide compelling detail. She offers her own life stories that illustrate how writing is crafted and gives you exercises to practice on your own.


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