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Top 5 Of New May Books To Read Before They Turn Into Movies

Are you still reading books? Or film and TV adaptations have facilitated your plot absorption, and even stolen your own imagination from you? Like Bridgerton, which placed the series of eight books by Julia Quinn into TV episodes or the Pulitzer Prize winning The Sympathizer (written by Viet Thanh Nguyen) now streaming on HBO. It Ends With Us, a bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover, is also coming to the screens this August. So still the question lingers whether it's worth taking your time and reading a book. However, a true reader will definitely claim the book is always better than the movie, or at least would read the book first before going to the cinema theatre or switching their TV on. And for those we dedicate our Top 5 of new May book releases. Who knows, maybe one day our suggestions will turn into a movie, too:

by Carley Fortune

Before the vacation period starts, take care of the necessary holiday ammunition - a light-hearted well-structured page-turning romance. Every year Lucy and her best friend Bridget come to the beach house on Prince Edward Island. And every year she finds herself in a local guy Felix's bed but with no strings attached. But when Bridget flows to the island just a week before her wedding, Lucy follows her determined to keep the promise to herself and resist this time a temptation to sleep with Felix. Will this summer be different?

by Stuart Turton

A sci-fi murder mystery from the bestselling author will make you keep reading. In the future world the humanity is wiped away by the fog, except a small island where one hundred and twenty-two villagers and three scientists are the last people on the Earth. The island is protected by a security system around the island that keeps the fog away. But one day one scientist is found stabbed to death, meaning that there's a murderer on the island. The things are worsened by the fact that the security system is also breached and the islanders have 107 hours to find the murderer and save themselves or to end the human race for good.

by Kevin Kwan

This novel might turn into a movie as the same author's bestselling predecessor Crazy Rich Asians. Just wait and see but read first! Rufus Leung Gresham is the successor of the Duke of Greshambury, his mother is a former Hong Kong supermodel. It seems that he is destined to a splendid life with mansions and yachts but behind all this emerge heaps of huge debts. Under his mothers schemes, Rufus must attend his sister's wealthy wedding and find a woman with money to marry. But what if his heart tells him to go after a simple girl next door, a daughter of the doctor?

by Stephen King

When you see this author's name on the book, it becomes immediately clear that something magnificent and sinister at the same time will embrace you. King presents a collection of twelve stories. “You like it darker? Fine, so do I,” Stephen King states in the afterword and invites the reader to explore the darker part of life - both literally and metaphorically. So brace yourselves for more jeepers creepers.

by Adam Higginbotham

If you're were the one who watched the launch of Challenger in 1986 and witnessed its tragedy, Higginbotham invites you to this dramatic minute-by-minute story based on his new research and in-depth reporting. He investigates the shuttle program, the bios of seven astronauts, what happened on January 28 and the follow-up, revealing the warning signs that were already visible before the tragedy that were ignored and kept secret from the public.


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