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Top 5 Of New May Books With John Grisham's Sparring Partners

The fans of the legal thriller should rejoice: a new book by the bestselling America's storyteller John Grisham is coming out this month. His first collection of novellas titled Sparring Brothers is on the way to the bookstores, so don't forget to check your favourite book department for a new edition. But it's not just John Grisham who is meant to elate you in May. Our Top 5 of new May books is showcasing a variety of stories written in different literary genres for any of your tastes:

by Abbi Waxman

For those who've read The Bookish Life of Nina Hill and enjoyed it, here's a new novel by the same author. Laura tries to escape her overprotecting family and lands in Los Angeles. However, just after a week she becomes homeless, and suddenly Laura, coping with a great number of people around her, becomes unsure whether she is ready to be an adult. But she is not the one who feels this way, so do her new friends, that is why they put their forces together to work it out for all of them.

by John Grisham

This a collection of three novellas - Homecoming, Strawberry Moon and Sparring Partners. Each of them has its own suspense, humour and great storytelling. And each of them bears a legal matter and lawyers meant to use their smart heads and go an extra mile to find the right exit. As usually is the case in all Grisham's legal thrillers.

by Emma Straub

Many popular women's magazines have named this book a most anticipated book of 2022. Alice is on the eve of her 40th birthday and is rather satisfied with her life, except the illness of her father, which bothers her a lot. When she wakes up in the morning she finds herself in 1996 when she was 16 and when her dad was a charming and happy man. If she could, would Alice change something in the lives of both to get a different outcome?

by Robert Thorogood

This one is for the classic murder mystery lovers who enjoy an old lady untangling a complex murder case. Judith is 77 years old living happily on her own. But one evening while swimming in the Thames she witnesses a murder. When the local police do not believe her story, Judith decides to investigate it by herself with a help of her friends Suzie and Becks. Hence the Marlow Murder Club begins its work.

by Ginny Hogan

This book is just for pure fun. The comedian Ginny Hogan hilariously describes ups and downs of modern romance by means of short stories, quizzes, over-think pieces, and more because modern dating is rather weird and sometimes you need not to take it seriously and laugh instead.


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