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TOP 5 Of New November Books

This whole pandemic situation that we are living in for almost two years was going sooner or later to be showcased and reflected in the literary realms. It's a period spiced with so many different emotions, political decisions and economic challenges that any creative mind might take advantage to turn it into a worldwide bestseller. And here we go - our TOP 5 of new November books features even three publications closely linked to the subject:

by Jodi Picoult

This well-known author takes a deep dive into human reactions in times of crisis. Diana is a well-established almost thirty-year old woman with plans for marriage, kids and carrier. She and her boyfriend Finn, a surgical resident, are about to start their romantic getaway to the Galapagos when the virus gets loose and Finn must stay at the hospital. But he manages to persuade Diane to go to the island alone. Diana's vacation turns into quarantine and isolation on the island where she makes a connection with a local family and is told a secret by a teenager. Will she return home the same after all this?

by Ken Follett

Who doesn't know this fantastic storyteller? Only this time he presents a page-turning thriller on the possibilities of World War III. The story features Pauline Green, the first female President of the United States of America, two elite intelligence agents in Sahara Desert, an ambitious senior government official in China and many other heroes and villains with a speedy plot and interrelated lines. It might get scary on the way, especially if you keep wondering what if it really could happen to our world.

by Louise Erdrich

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for The Night Watchman, Louise Erdrich tailors another masterpiece, which mainly takes place in the crazy year of 2020. Tookie, a native-American ex-con, now works in a small bookstore in Minneapolis. She is convinced that a ghost of a past very annoying customer haunts the working place but nobody else neither feels, nor sees it. The story takes place from All Souls' Day in November 2019 till November 2020. Yes, this is the exact year of isolation, grief and surprises.

by Alison Gaylin

If you'd like to do the reading in one sit and not get bored, choose this suspense novel. Camille has lost her daughter five years ago but she is still very angry and obsessed with a young man who she thinks to be responsible. After she confronts this young man in public, Camille is invited by a secret group of women in the dark web each of them having their own sense of justice for their loved ones - the Collective. At first Camille thinks that women are only violently fantasizing on the chat and finds an outlet for her own anger but when one of the revenge targets turns up really dead, Camille is no longer sure, if this is just an innocent game. But falling deeper into this group's dark web is more tempting than ever...

by Dave Pell

For non-fiction readings we recommend to grab this book on the news of 2020 in America: two impeachment trials, a global pandemic, Black Lives Matter, presidential elections, and many other. Dave Pell highlights the key stories of 2020 and analyses the turning points that actually divided America with a great focus on the role of technology in society, trying to explain why the lies spread faster than the truth.


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