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Top 5 Of New November Books

How to combine two hobbies when both attempt to steal your leisure time? The football has occupied the homes of many, including us. At least two matches out of four a day is a must for the upcoming month, not to mention friendly discussions, analysis and gossip. But what about the book you catch yourself wandering to in your thoughts while the footballers disappear for their break? Reading is yet another pleasure of the night you can't miss. So don't give up and leave at least 30 minutes for your bed reads. New November books will definitely help you to keep your habit:

by Matthew Quick

This is another unforgettable novel written by the bestselling author of The Silver Linings Playbook. Lucas Goodgame is seen in his town as a hero meanwhile Lucas himself insists that his deceased wife Darcy visits him every night as an angel. When an eighteen-year-old Eli begins camping in his backyard, suddenly an unlikely alliance between the two forms, which will help Lucas and Eli to heal the neighbours after the tragedy and also themselves.

by Louise Penny

The fans of inspector Armand Gamache should be ready for the 18th novel in his series, which will probably turn into one of the episodes of Three Pines TV series one day. This time Gamache will try to uncover answers for two young people who's mother was murdered when they were just children. At the same time he receives a letter written 150 years ago and finds a room with the world of curiosities full of puzzles and the old enemy lurking behind.

by Ethan Joella

If you're bound for something moving and profound, this is the novel for you. It's a story of three strangers whose lives intersect in unforeseen ways in Hilton Head, Pennsylvania. Chuck used to go there on their annual trip with his wife. But now he's packing things to go there alone because his wife died several months ago. Ella still hopes to receive a message from her missing daughter. She answers every call believing it might be her. Kirsten has dropped from her veterinary school after her father died but old dreams begin to surface again. Three parallel narratives with the same attempt to recover from something they have lost.

by Clare Mackintosh

Looking for a quick page-turner with a classic crime story? Here's one. Rhys invites the village to his New Year Eve party but by midnight he is found floating dead in the lake. Ffion Morgan is forced to make all her neighbours, friends and family the suspects. Soon it is the question not who wanted to kill Rhys but who finally made a decision to kill him.

by Heather Radke

This time for our non-fiction lovers we offer a book about butts. Yes, about this body part, which we love or we hate. From the butt development in evolution till modern idolized butts, the reporter Heather Radke offers the reader a deep dive reportage including not only entertaining examination but also larger ideas about race, control and power that affect our most private parts.


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