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Top 5 Of New October Books

September has cheered us, the readers, with some of the long awaited titles from the most popular authors and kept us busy reading at nights. And it doesn't matter how much we really enjoyed the new crime stories of J.K. Rowling or Jo Nesbo, this never leaving urge to get back to the novel throughout the day was the most wonderful feeling you might experience in this modern world of Instagram stories and YouTube videos. So what pleasant surprises are served for us this October? There is a number of new book titles being released this month that are worth to be featured in our Top 5. Just check them out:

This new novel by Rumaan Alam shortlisted for 2020 National Book Award for Fiction is relevant as ever. Amanda and Clay set to their vacation with their son and daughter at the remote corner of Long Island. But before they start taking advantage of their holidays, Ruth and H. G., an older black couple, the owners of the rented house, arrive at night, informing that a sudden blackout has shut down New York City. It's impossible to know whether they are telling the truth, as this remote place is deprived of TV and the internet as well as cell phone connection. Should Amanda and Clay trust the elder couple or are they safe from one another?

John Grisham has no intentions to slow down his writing pace. Jake Brigance, the famous American lawyer, is back. This time Jake is appointed to defend a young man who is accused of murdering a local deputy. And Jake is the only one who will try at any cost to save his sixteen-year-old defended, although it means he is going to put his family once again at risk.

Those who are looking for a story within a story should put this title on their radar. In the beginning of the 20th century two students at the Brookhants School for Girls are obsessed with a young writer Mary and form The Plain Bad Heroine Society. But soon they are both found dead and with the following mysterious deaths of other three people the school is shut down. A century later Brookhants opens its doors again, but this time to film a book adaptation. And this is when past and present become entangled in a spooky way.

The best-selling author of In The Woods comes back with a new crime novel. Detective Cal Hooper retired to a remote village in Ireland with the intention to forget about his public service. But one day a boy appears on his doorstep asking to find his missing brother because no one else in the village, even the police, seems to care. How can Cal resist the instinct of his inner detective?

Non-fiction this time is going to be about fiction. New York Times opinion writer Lindy West revisits and analyses the most popular movies of over last 40 years, asking all kinds of non-standard and witty questions. Is it true that films that shape us most often ruin us, too?


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