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Top 5 of New October Books For Cozy Evenings

October is the best month to switch from outdoor fun to indoor coziness, which undoubtfully includes a pleasure of reading. So what are you reading this autumn when heavy rains diminish your will to do anything to the minimum? Take a sneak peek at out TOP 5 of new October publications and pick your favourite:

by Jesmyn Ward

The two-times National Book Award winner can't let you down, as she comes with yet another her masterpiece, this time about an enslaved girl before the years of the Civil War. Sold by her actual white father, Annis has to struggle a long journey to the heart of Louisiana sugar plantations. Along the way she tries to cling to the memories of her mother and grandmother and to open herself to the world of the nature, myth and history.

by John Grisham

A long-awaited sequel has finally landed in the bookstores around the globe. A young and smart lawyer Mitch McDeere from The Firm is now a partner in the largest firm in the world. Upon request of his mentor Mitch travels to Rome and there he finds himself in the centre of a sinister plot, which will threaten again his friends and family but firstly Mitch himself.

by Melissa Broder

If you're looking for something extraordinary, dark but funny, this new novel by Melissa Broder will definitely astound you. A woman checks-in into the motel in California with the aim to escape her sorrow because of her father admitted to ICU and her husband losing a fight with his illness. The receptionist suggests her a path to walk and she starts hiking. On the way she encounters a strange cactus with a gash that looks like a familiar door. Once she enters it, she is carried on a journey inside this succulent which is not only mystical but also poignant and hilarious.

by Ashley Winstead

There's nothing better than a gothic thriller taking place in a small town. The librarian Ruth is an outsider in her small town in Louisiana. People of the town always believed in the Low Man, a vampire who sneaks into the bedrooms and kills on moonless nights. So when a human skull is found in the swamps beside mysterious carved symbols, Ruth feels she is the only one together with her old friend Everet who can finally find the true evil and reveal the town's hidden secret.

by Britney Spears

The media is full of extracts and people are talking but why not read the whole book for yourselves? At last the one of the most famous pop singers in the world is telling her own story on her own terms. It's a perfect opportunity to hear Britney telling about her increadible but also sad journey.


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