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Top 5 Of New October Books To Complete Your Reading Challenge

The year is slowly but inevitably drawing to the end, and your reading challenges or resolutions still not seem to hit the target? Probably you simply lack the best hint of what to read next. Our Top 5 of new October books might do you a favour and lead towards a one more fantastic page-turner:

by Celeste Ng

If you have read this author's Little Fires Everywhere or at least have seen TV series, a new novel will also leave you emotional. Twelve-year-old Bird Gardner lives with his father, a librarian. Libraries are forced to remove unpatriotic books, including the work of Bird's mother, a Chinese American poet, who left the family three years ago. Bird doesn't know what happened to her mother but one day he receives a mysterious letter with a cryptic drawing. So Bird starts a quest to find his mother.

by John Grisham

One more productive Grisham's novel and one more trial. Keith and Hugh were childhood friends in the sixties in Biloxi. But their lives went in rather opposite ways. As Keith's father became a famous prosecutor meanwhile Hugh's dad became a boss of a criminal world in Biloxi, Keith followed his father's steps and Hugh, naturally, started working in his father's nightclubs. Now they met on the opposite sides in the courtroom.

by Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan

The bestselling author presents her new novel in collaboration. Olivia had to flee from her seemingly perfect family life, bringing her son Asher back to her hometown. Lily also relocates to the same town with her mother to finish her last year at a high school. Soon Lilly and Asher fall for each other but one day Olivia receives a call that Lilly is dead and Asher is a prime suspect. No matter how Oliver tries to believe her son's being innocent, she has to admit that his father's dark temper might have sown the seed no matter how well Asher tried to hide it.

by Erin E. Adams

A bit of horror, a bit of thriller, a bit of mystery and a lot of suspense. If you like such a mix, this novel is right for you. Liz is coming to her hometown to take part in her best friend's wedding. But on the wedding day the bride's daughter Caroline goes missing. While everybody is involved in the search, Liz remembers a black girl from school who also went missing after walking into the wood and later was found dead with her heart missing. Liz starts digging deeper and uncovers that a number of black girls were going missing in this town for years...

by Siddhartha Mukherjee

In our non-fiction section this month we offer a masterpiece written by the winner of the Pulitzer Prize who succeeds to vividly and suspensefully tell the story of how scientists discovered cells in the late 1600s, what they saw and how all this gave birth to a new kind of medicine based on the therapeutical manipulations of cells. And how all this knowledge will help to create new humans.


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