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Top 5 Of New September Books To Fight Your Boredom

When autumnal daily chores brings boredom to your home, the best escape is to hide inside a wonderful story of a novel. It works every time, if you just have those wonders of storytelling in stock. In case you have emptied your reading list in the pleasant heat of summer holidays, here's our TOP 5 of new September books to fill in your list again:

by Elizabeth Strout

Already shortlisted by 2022 Booker Prize for her Oh William!, the writer presents her sequel to My Name Is Lucy Barton. The main heroine Lucy is caught in the pandemic lockdown and manages to leave Manhattan and travel to a small town in Maine to stay with her ex-husband William. So for the next several months it will be only her, him and their complex past and present together in a house by the sea.

by Richard Osman

Miss the lovely Thursday Murder Club? The fantastic four of retired seniors is ready for a new mystery. Actually there are two murder mysteries they're on, only ten years apart. As it won't be enough, Elizabeth, one the clubs members with her hot spy past, encounters a new nemesis forced to withstand a to kill or to be killed mission.

by Angie Cruz

If you're looking for something lively, witty and human, there's where you'd have to stop. Cara Romero has never thought that her work in a lamp factory would terminate. However, being in her mid 50s she becomes jobless and is up in a job market again. The essence of the book is her twelve sessions with a job counselor during which Cara narrates all her life, including her love affairs, struggles with debts, complicated relationship with her son, - all her secrets and regrets who have shattered her but didn't take away her love for life.

by Naomi Alderman et al

No, it's not some newly discovered Agatha Christie's murder mysteries that the world finally found hidden in her attic behind the frame of an ancient mirror. These are twelve new murder mysteries written by twelve modern writers all featuring the best crime detective ever - a modest Miss Marple. Each author reimagines Agatha Christie’s Marple through their own unique perspective while staying true to the hallmarks of a traditional mystery.

by Randall Munroe

For our non-fiction lovers we offer a second set of answers to the most impossible questions. The xkcd creator and former NASA engineer is ready to consult you again on your craziest ideas, like what would happen if you've built a billion-story building or rode a helicopter blade. Randall Munroe is unfazed by absurdity and always relies on the latest research.


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