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Five Astronaut Movies For A Special Day

April 12th is known in the world as the day the man went to the space for the first time. Why not spend this evening celebrating one of the greatest human achievements and watching one of the best space adventure or astronaut movies? There has been a great number of cinema works dedicated to the theme of outer space and cosmic travels since the very beginning of cinematography.

Thus why not start with the very first one:

Director: Georges Méliès

This short movie is one of the most famous Georges Méliès works.It features a group of astronomers who fly to the moon to explore it. However, they are not the only ones there. With a narrow escape from the local lunar inhabitants, the astronomers come back to the Earth bringing one of the aliens with them.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Probably there's no one who haven't seen this movie yet, or at least heard about it. It might be a very cozy night for revisiting the old good Stanley Kubrick. The mystery of black monolith, competition of a man and an artificial intellect, eternal question of time and space - the movie has its own version.

Director: Ron Howard

One of the largest space failures, Apollo 13, is well adapted on the screens with Tom Hanks in a leading role. When Moon landing mission is aborted due to serious damages to the ship, three astronauts find themselves in danger struggling to get home. The producers of the movie have gone an extra mile to make it as technically accurate as possible.

Director: Clint Eastwood

If there's Clint Eastwood, there should be a drama. Four old timers are sent to space to prevent the old Russian communication satellite from crashing to earth. However, what they find is not just more serious, it's lethal. Someone has to sacrifice himself to save the world.

Director: Ridley Scott

Oscar nominee 2016 in Best Picture category, The Martian is not a typical astronaut movie. Despite a dramatic plot when an astronaut is presumed dead and left on Mars all by himself, his attempts to tam a hostile planet and send a signal to Earth have a flavor of subtle humor and hilarious twist.

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