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June Readings For Your Summer Bag

Here comes the first summer weekend! Time to relax and enjoy in full the pleasures of sunny skies and warm nights. And new June publications to read. We've selected top picks for your day on the beach, lakeside or summer cottage. Just don't forget your sunglasses and a parasol.

by Steven Rowley

This book is a must for all dog owners. The novel radiates love and sensitivity. Ted Flask has someone special but it isn't human. It's an aging dog Lily whom he loves very much. What are you ready to do to make your companion stay with you longer?

by Lisa Unger

The lovers of mystic thrillers should be excited. Here's a real page turner involving the worlds of the living and the dead spiced with a criminal story. Finley Montgomery can hear and see ghosts and the further, the more intensely. So she turns for her grandmother for help who actually is a famous psychic living in the Hollows, New York. Soon they both are drawn into the investigation of a missing girl, which reveals to be much more evil than just a disappearance of a girl.

by Thomas Christopher Greene

Summer is perfect for love romance, especially if you liked The Headmaster's Wife by the same author. What might happen, if two former lovers accidentally meet after twenty-one years? Told from altering points of view through time it is a poetic love story, contemplating again on the topic of 'what if'.

by Brad Meltzer and Tod Goldberg

For those who enjoy reading about conspiracies this novel is going to be a real amusement. Hazel wakes up in the hospital and find out her farther - a true conspiracy searcher was murdered. But it's not the worst of the tragedy. She doesn't remember anything and has no clue who she is herself. Maybe a murderer?

by Ryan Holiday

This is a non-fiction publication dedicated to...our ego and how it might hinder our future success. The book is based on real cases from history, literature and philosophy as well as interviews with well-known people to demonstrate how we should deal with our ego to convert it from our enemy into success motivator.

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