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August Features Locarno Film Festival

In August cinema fiesta moves to Locarno, Switzerland. This year is no exception and on August 3-13 Locarno will host its 69th Film Festival.

This year's Festival is dedicated to two grand film authors Abbas Kiarostami and Michael Cimino who had recently died and were the friends of the festival. Among the guest stars of the Festival cinema lovers will meet an American well-known actor Bill Pullman, the British performer we had known as a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace Gemma Arterton and many others.

The main competition will feature 17 world premieres, 8 of them directed by women. According to Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian, "this program marks a return to the original spirit of the Festival. That spirit that has made Locarno a vanguard festival: political, poetic, visionary and non-conformist."

However, the most welcome feature of the Festival is a big screen on Piazza Grande where movie fans will be able to watch another great film premieres. The opening night on the 3rd of August will start with The Girl with All the Gifts by the Scottish director Colm McCarthy, a peculiar film of a striking film genre leading to a dystopian future.

Check the whole Festival's program here.

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