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January TOP5 New Books For Your Fresh Start

Let's be frank, you've made your New Year's resolution to read more books again. Like many others. And there's nothing shameful, if you're going to break this promise. The more important thing you still keep up with the desire to pick up a book, open its first page and dive into its realms. If you still feel this, to hell with all your resolutions.

Meanwhile we have selected TOP5 January books for you. These new publications fully comply with mid-winter requirements: to make you stay warm and cozy at home for a while.

by Laurie Frankel

It is told that this novel should be read by everybody. It is about a family secret and what happens if you try to keep it; about changes and how hard they come at first. A five-year old Claude has just one wish - to become a girl when he grows up. His family is fine with his dream but is not ready to release it to the outer world. But one day their secret explodes anyway...

by Sarah Pinborough

We've heard everybody's talking about the ending of this novel. Well, considering it's a psychological thriller, there couldn't be otherwise. Louise is a single mother who finally meets a good looking guy at the bar and who kisses her. Next day she finds out its her new boss David, happily married to Adele who in turn also becomes a friend of Louise. David and Adele seem like a perfect couple but coming closer Louise is faced with more questions than answers...

by Paul Auster

This novel is a real masterpiece and don't let its volume (860 pages) scare you. In 1947 Archibald Isaac Ferguson is born in New Jersey and from now on he leads four separate lives. There are four independent paths he could have taken to live his life. It simultaneously describes America of 50s and 60s turning the whole story (or four stories, to be precise) into a genuinely inventive creation.

by Ali Land

Fans of quality psychological suspense should be trilled. This might be the best debut of 2017. Annie's mother is a serial killer. She hands herself in to police and Annie is given to a foster family. Now she has a new name - Millie - and a fresh start. But you cannot run from yourself when you're your own mother's daughter...

Translated into 20 languages this novel is a real hit, which will take your breath away.

by Douglas Preston

This book is non-fiction, though it tells about great adventures looking for a hidden sacred city called the Lost City of the Monkey God. Since the days of conquistador Hernán Cortés people were searching Honduran territories to find the city despite the curse to fall ill and die. In 2012 Douglas Preston also joined the modern expedition is search of the lost city. He has put together all his suspenseful and shocking adventures into this book. But those who ignore the warning and step into the city can't escape the curse.

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