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The New Yorker Critics On Best Picture Nominees 2017

Nine Best Picture Oscar Nominees have already been analyzed and evaluated by critics. In fact, not all of them have been praised and well accepted. Even the award record setter La La Land has caused critical doubts. And although critics often know better, nonetheless a wider audience sticks to their own opinion.

This time we've decided to share the reviews on Best Picture nominees published in The New Yorker before the movies have been nominated. See, if you consider them straight to the point, too.

The Consuming Fervor of "Arrival" The Madness and Majesty of "Hacksaw Ridge"

The Exemplary Badness of 'War Dogs" and "Hell and High Water

What "Fences" Misses About Adapting Plays For The Screens

"Hidden Figures" Is A Subtle And Powerful Work Of Counter-history

Fun In "La La Land" "Manchester By The Sea..."

"Moonlight" Undoes Our Expectations

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