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When Kissing A Smile Saves The Day

There‘s nothing more straightforward as the child‘s wisdom. It may sound funny and you can laugh your head off but actually it conveys the truth in the most simple and pragmatic way. And what‘s more important - you can get it absolutely free of charge with just one „if“: if you have children. Though it might not look so „free of charge“ in this case. Because raising children and balancing your professional plus social life sometimes reminds of a mission impossible. Minta Chess‘ debut novel Kiss My.. Smile is its vivid example and proof.

Being a mother of three Minta Chess doesn‘t have to invent the plot. In a light and easy reading style she shares her every day experience related to her family doings and her own feelings. However, as a reader you find those situations not only amusing but hilarious and also so familiar at the same time. Hopefully this very humorous approach saves the day for the author, too.

What happens when your son wants a farting and belching dog for Christmas? How do you act when your kids unintentionally kill several dozens of snails in the yard? How do you survive your holidays with three little munchkins alone in sunny Greece? What is a very fashionable but dead spider? Are you ready for the visit of your future grown-up son with six kids, a cobra and a flute? And finally, where are those bloody keys to the Mini?

The novel is divided into four seasons, starting with winter. Thus the reader has a chance to relive a full year with the author‘s family, knowing that this crazy circle is destined to go on and on. But with yet more funny situations and amazing children‘s wisdom, which generates tons of smiles.

This is a type of novel that you‘d call a positive and kindhearted reading. It is also a page turner, which you could manage to read through in one sit. It brings that sense of family values, you usually find annoying by letting you sink in every day‘s routine. While just one kiss on a smile might cheer up your day.

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