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TOP5 New Books To Entertain You In June

Welcome to summertime! We're not sure whether the living gets really easy but no doubt book lovers put serious volumes back on the shelf and start browsing for something light-minded to accompany them to the beach, or at least to a sunny park or airy countryside. To facilitate the task we have looked through the new publications being released in June and picked our Top5, which would take you to engaging plot twists and warm feelings.

by John Grisham

The world famous author is productive, as usual. A new novel is under way promising troubles in Grisham style. There's a robbery below Princeton University’s Firestone Library and the loot is priceless. Bruce Cable has a bookstore on Camino Island but his actual profit comes from selling rare books, including stolen ones. A young novelist Mercer Mann is approached by a mysterious woman and asked to infiltrate the circle of Bruce Cable's literary friends. These three themes soon overlap and Mercer Mann is the one who gets into trouble...

by Siobhan Fallon

This novel allows a glimpse into the lives of military families. Cassie Hugo and Margaret Brickshaw are the wives of two soldiers who are appointed to the embassy in Jordan. While Cassie is the one who follows the rules, newly arrived Margaret is the one who likes to explore. But one day she gets into a car accident and has to visit a local police station. Margaret persuades Cassie to look after her toddler son and... disappears. She is not answering her phone and Margaret starts to wonder what happened and what might be her own role in Margaret's disappearance.

by Fiona Barton

Those who read The Widow should be content to find Fiona Barton's new suspense novel The Child. After an old house is demolished in London, a workman founds a skeleton of a baby underneath. A journalist Kate Waters gets interested in a story and starts her investigation. Soon she connects her story to a tragic incident in the past when a newborn baby went missing from the maternity ward and was never found. While exploring the neighborhood, Kate hears stories and secrets and has to decide what can go public and what not.


Want a real summertime story? You've got one. It is about identical twins Tabitha and Harper Frost who live on separate islands and try to prove the world that they have nothing in common. However, there's a family crisis and the twins are forced to get back together. After new love stories and old battles they finally realize that the bond they share as twins is more important than competition and anger that drove them apart. The plot sounds as a typical trite? Well, just pick up the novel and you'll see how quickly it turns into a page turner.

by Jennifer A. Doudna, Samuel H. Sternberg

If you belong to the group who prefer non-fiction even at summertime, this one is for you. Are you familiar that there's already a cheap and simple way to rewrite our genetic code? The biologist Doudna has announced about a new gene-editing tool CRISPR to the world in 2015. It means that it is possible to make changes to our DNA and cure genetic diseases, HIV and even cancer. But to every new technology there's also unforeseen consequences, not to mention the ethical issues. Are we in control of evolution?

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