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April Top 5 Of New Wonderful Readings

What are you reading this month? Perhaps it's a serious volume on state-of-the-art technology or a self-couching study empowering you to approach your inner vibes. It might also be a lighthearted romance or a gripping mysterious thriller keeping you up at night. Or maybe you're stuck in between your readings unable to decide what to grab next. Then our TOP 5 new releases of the month is what you really need. Help yourself!

by Meg Wolitzer

A new novel by the New York Times bestselling writer has an obvious tint of feminism in it but it is also a witty and charming reading. A shy freshman Greer Kadetsky meets a central figure of women's movement Faith Frank. This elegant lady inspires others and fosters Greer to follow her ambitions, which are greater than just her relationship with her boyfriend Cory. Is her love story with Cory and her ambitions for the future compatible after all?

by Jo Nesbo

Sadly this is not a sequel to the Harry Hole series but a new standalone by the famous Norwegian author. This time his key character is named after the Shakespearean Macbeth and has more vices than virtues. The plot takes place in some northern town where corruption is spread like an octopus underwater. Will the ambitions of corrupted cop lead him to salvation when the path takes him through the darkest tunnels of human experience?

by Kelly Rimmer

Family relations is the most complicated matter. This novel shows the ties between very different sisters. Lexie Vidler's sister is a drug addict, a thief and a liar and always in trouble. This time her trouble is a premature labour. Lexie takes care of a newborn while Annie is in rehab. But the childhood secrets and ghosts attempt to surface and break the remaining fragile ties of sisterhood.

by Lisa Scottoline

This one is for crime story lovers who don't believe in the guilt of the prime suspect. Noah remarries after her wife's death and is happy to lead a new life together with Maggie. But everything changes when her seventeen-year-old daughter Anna moves in to live with them. What follows is a murder of Anna. Noah is accused of the crime and Maggie can't cope with the idea that her husband killed her daughter. So she starts digging deeper to find the truth.

by Lucy Jones

While looking for some serious non-fiction read, pay attention to this new book by the veteran seismologist who explores natural disasters, which took place in the past, and explains how we can prepare to meet them in the future to avoid human catastrophes. Previous natural disasters also effected our culture and governance having impact on our way of thinking. So how we gonna act in the future?

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