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Drama Reduced To The Minimum At July Cinemas

This heat wears out not only your strength but also your inner senses. Excitement and hunger for new adventures are being replaced by lazy hibernation preferably somewhere near cool waters where you drag your body for a splash and a temporary revival. The minute you step on a dry soil all determination and self-will evaporate together with tiny water drops on your skin. It's a still life of the heat with no big drama. Probably it's contagious, as new drama movies are also reduced to a count of five and constitute a true minority in July. However, if you succeed to get into a serious mood to watch a real thing, check out these new releases:

Plot Synopsis: After Portland slacker John Callahan (Joaquin Phoenix) nearly loses his life in a car accident, the last thing he intends to do is give up drinking. But when he reluctantly enters treatment - with encouragement from his girlfriend (Rooney Mara) and a charismatic sponsor (Jonah Hill) - Callahan discovers a gift for drawing edgy, irreverent newspaper cartoons that develop a national following and grant him a new lease on life.

Plot Synopsis: Agnes (Kelly Macdonald), taken for granted as a suburban mother, discovers a passion for solving jigsaw puzzles, which unexpectedly draws her into a new world - where her life unfolds in ways she could never have imagined.


Plot Synopsis: A group of journalists covering George Bush’s planned invasion of Iraq in 2003 are skeptical of the presidents claim that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.

Plot Synopsis: The film is set in the early 1980s and follows a group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles who set up a get rich quick scam that leads to deadly consequences for them and others around them. The story is based on actual events.

Plot Synopsis: In a future world where cutting-edge technologies can simulate the high of true love, two colleagues (Ewan McGregor and Léa Seydoux) at a revolutionary research lab yearn for a connection that's real.



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