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December TOP 5 New Books Under Your Christmas Tree

It's finally on the way! Christmas spirit waves from the horizon enhanced by all glitter and shimmer of rather early decorations foisted by omniscient marketing people. And no matter what your attitude towards this exaggerated holiday bubble is, you start waltzing with Last Christmas tune in your ears. This holiday period becomes so busy that you hardly think about reading a book. All energy drained by things you must do leaves you with just a few lines in the book before your mind flies to a midnight dreamland. However, there's no reason to put the bookish thoughts aside in December, as they always turn into a perfect gift. So check out our TOP 5 of new December books and step into Christmas with a preferred story of yours.

by Susan Bernhard

If you'd like to get emotional while reading, this debut novel is right for you. A fifteen-year-old Wes is living with his coldhearted grandparents after his mother's death, abandoned by his father. Missing his father and confronting his family demons he has to find his own way to the future from this present darkness.

by Wendy Heard

For the fans of psychological thrillers. Sean has mental problems and has killed before. Now after three years in psychiatric prison he wants to change and stop killing. But here comes Annabelle who feels an instant connection to Sean. Only one day she's kidnapped in front of Sean's eyes. The police are not willing to believe him considering his past. So Sean has to find Annabelle himself, still wondering whether it was him who killed her.

by Guy Gunaratne

This novel was longlisted for the 2018 Man Booker Prize and is based on true events. It tells a story of a murder of a British army soldier by religious fanatics and the burning of mosques that followed in modern London. The novel shows brutality and violence of this modern city, challenging the ways people live together there.

by Lisa Jewell

Have you been living in a prestigious neighborhood where everybody is watching every one? Then you'll understand what this crime story is about. Melville, Bristol, is exactly such a nice place where doctors, lawyers and academic people live. But there's been a murder, only a reader is not informed who's been killed in the beginning. Then the story goes on with Tom Fitzwilliam, a headmaster of the local school, beloved by everyone in the neighborhood, and the newcomer Joey Mullen and her family...

by Joshua Becker

If you're a minimalist at heart or have a feeling that there's too much stuff in your room, a popular minimalist blogger is ready to show you how to make your home a place of peaceful and purposeful living. How to decide what to keep and what to throw away? How to unburden our lives in order to accomplish more? The book will give you the guidance.

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