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Top 5 July New Books For Your Good Reading

Today the world is split in two: the ones who stick to their Netflix to watch the freshly aired season 3 of Stranger Things and those who proudly affirm of never ever going to watch this cheaply made pop product. As we have nothing to hide, we openly confess of just consumed first episode. No doubt, we'll continue watching out of curiosity what plot twists await the group of teenagers this time. But if you're not into TV shows and think that reading a good book (whatever that means) is a much more beneficial way to spend your time, here's our Top 5 of new July books:

by Colson Whitehead

The great American novelist strikes again. This time he uses his novel based on true story to describe a reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida, which warped the lives of thousands of children. In the early 1960s young Elwood makes a small mistake and consequently is sent to a juvenile reform school called the Nickel Academy. But in fact it is a chamber of horrors, possessed by violence, sexual harassment and corruption.

by Riley Sager

Looking for some engaging reading on a plane or on the beach? This one will draw you immediately in. Jules takes a job of an apartment sitter and excepts rather strange rules of no visitors, no going out and no bothering other tenants. She meets another sitter Ingrid who warns Jules that this building is not what it seems. Next day Ingrid disappears and Jules has to uncover secret past behind the walls to hurry and save herself.

by Abbi Waxman

If you're an introvert, you might envisage yourself in this novel, and if you're not - then try to walk in one's shoes. Nina lives in her comfortable shell working in a bookstore and sharing her apartment with a cat and books. But one day she is informed that her previously non-existing father has died and left a number of other brothers and sisters to Nina. There's a huge new family waiting for her and this is terrifying!

by Cristina Alger

Eager for action and thriller? Then join FBI agent Nell Flynn who is forced to go home after ten years when her father, a homicide detective, dies in a motorbike accident. But here she gets involved in murder investigation of two women and comes up with his late father as a prime suspect. Nell must find out the truth no matter what it might turn out to be.

by Lisa Taddeo

In our non-fiction category, this book is considered one of the most anticipated books of the year. Journalist Lisa Taddeo portraits an erotic longing in today's America based on eight years of travelling and research. Through the stories of three women and their sex experiences or their absence she frankly and emotionally speaks about desire that we commonly are not willing to talk about.

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