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Top 5 Of New November Books For Rainy Weekends

The last weekend was perfect. It was raining all days long without any glare, so you could make yourself cozy under a woolen duvet and engage into an endless reading. The only concern was the perfect book. The one you'd really enjoy spending time with without any inner nagging to check your cell phone, run down TV channels or simply take an afternoon nap. It is more and more difficult to chose the book, as the list is so long and rich, and new books are being constantly added. To make things even more complicated, here's out Top 5 of new books of the month. However, November might hint you towards the best choice:

by Matthew Dicks

There is a great variety of writing styles but this book is rather unique, as it unfolds the story told in lists because the main character of the novel is obsessed with list making. Dan has a bookshop that is not doing great and he has a wife who is ready to have a child. Dan loves his wife very much and doesn't want to look like a failure. He wants to become someone by doing something special.

by James Patterson

This is the 27th time James Patterson returns with Alex Cross and his investigations. This time Alex is happy to see the killer being executed after he had caught him. However, soon he is being called to a murder, which looks like a copycat crime. Was an innocent man just executed? Alex Cross founds himself in the deadly chase across the country following the sites of multiple homicides.

by Michael Crummey

If you have a brother or a sister, this novel will definitely reflect something familiar about the bond between you. On an isolated cove on the Newfoundland coastline an orphaned brother and sister, still children, try to keep together and to keep alive by using their father's boat and the scarce knowledge left by their parents. It's their loyalty to each other that helps them to survive. However, with years passing and their personalities evolving, even this strongest bond is to be tested.

by Lisa Jewell

Looking for a page-turner? Here's one right for you: twenty-five years ago the police where called to the house only to find a living baby in a crib and three dressed in black adult corpses. Other four children who lived there were reported missing. In the present Libby just finds about about her real parents after her twenty-fifth birthday and the inheritance in the form of an abandoned house worth millions. But she isn't aware that there are others who were also waiting for this day of revelations...

by Mitch Albom

This book is nonfiction, however, it brings not theory and just facts but true emotions. The author tell a story of a Haitian girl named Chika who was brought to the orphanage in Haiti after her mother died where Mitch Albom and his wife took care of more than forty children. When Chika was five she was diagnosed with some peculiar disease and Mitch decided to take her to Detroit for a better medical treatment. In this way the girl became the centre of their lives proving that the bonds built on love are meant to last forever.

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