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Top 5 April New Books

Credits: Takeawayscripts

When you can't go outside and all travel plans are cancelled, only books might free your mind to flee wherever you want in a company with your imagination. What a cliche, one might frown. That's exactly what I'm doing, might retort the other. Anyways, quarantine is more than a favourable time to take up reading, if infinite conference calls haven't consumed your days yet. Especially when sunny April afernoons allow cozy reading in a balcony or a terrace. Our Top 5 of April new books will guide you towards your right choice of reading satisfaction:

by Frances Cha

South Korean cinematography is getting incredibly famous these days. But what about their modern literature? You have an opportunity to explore Korean life via the portraits of four young women living in Seoul. Kyuri entertains rich businessmen in an exclusive bar, her roommate Miho is a talented artist caught in a relationship with one of the richest men in Korea, a hairstylist Ara, living in the same apartment building, is obsessed with a boy-band star, and Wonna is trying to conceive a child whom their family cannot afford to bring up.

by Sara Sligar

Sometimes fictional psychological suspense relieves you from the real worries. This one will definitely do. A famous photographer Miranda Brand mysteriously dies and decades later her son hires an ex-journalist Kate to archive her mother's works. By reconstructing Miranda's life piece by piece, Kate stumbles across the diary, which might reveal the truth of Miranda's death. However, once a plain Kate's curiosity starts to convert into dangerous obsession.

by Grady Hendrix

Looking for a gripping thriller with vampires who recently were out-of-fashion? Grady Hendrix is ready to restitute these somehow very attractive creatures. In the 90s a housewife Patricia has only one entertainment in her daily life: it's a book club where she and her friends meet to discuss true-crime mysteries. But when a stranger moves into their neighborhood and children start disappearing, Patricia adds two and two, still not aware what kind of a monster they have invited into their nice community.

by Darynda Jones

For those who love following their detectives through series of crime novels, there's another figure worthy of your attention. Meet Sunshine Vicram. She returns to her native town of Del Sol in New Mexico, expecting an easy life. However, a teenage girl goes missing, and when it rains, it pours. Suddenly Sunshine finds herself in a middle of an endless drama.

by Mark O'Connell

This title sounds very relevant in our current quarantine situation. But it's not a fiction novel about the end of the world. We live surrounded by worst case scenarios. So the author tries to investigate what it would be like to live through the worst. He visits survival bunkers in South Dakota, talks to would-be Mars colonists and right-wing conspiracists, and even witnesses the end of the world in Chernobyl. By doing all of this he comes to another question: what if the end of the world is not the end of the world?

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