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TOP 5 New June Books To Bring Outdoors

Summer reading. Photo Copyright: Era Kan

It's officially an outdoor reading time! That's why we put our book into a hiking rucksack and start towards the mountains. On the long way up we admire green valleys and wild flowers in bloom, and when a telltale heart orders to stop and have a rest, we take out our reading and comfortably accommodate on a Bellevue bench. There's nothing more self-completing than two wonderful worlds - physical and literary - coming in a perfect harmony. Try it yourselves! And if there's still a question mark of what book to bring, look through our TOP 5 of new June books:

by Brit Bennett

If you're looking for a page-turner with a non-conventional family story, look up for this title. The Vignes are identical twin sisters who grew up in a southern black community. At the age of sixteen they both ran away but their lives settle in rather opposite environments. One sister returns to the same black community she tried to escape from and lives there with her black daughter. The other succeeds to pass for white and now lives with her white husband who doesn't suspect anything. However, despite their different stories, their lives remain intertwined.

by Riley Sager

This book will definitely withdraw you from the current events in the world, if you just wish for it. Twenty-five years ago Maggie and her parents have fled from their estate called Baneberry Hall at night and never came back again. Maggie's father even wrote a book House of Horrors. But Maggie was small at a time and doesn't remember no horrors, nor she believes in ghosts. Now she comes back to restore the house in order to sell it after her father's death. Strange happenings there identical to the ones described in her father's book make Maggie change her mind...

by Megha Majumda

The debut novel with the story taking place in contemporary India. The book entangles the lives of three main characters - Jivan, PT Sir and Lovely - around one lie. Jivan is falsely accused of a terrorist attack on the train, PT Sir takes advantage of Jivan's false accusation to climb his political career, meanwhile Lovely has alibi that could set Jivan free but ruin her dreams. The novel comprises all components of a thriller and might be read in a single sitting.

by Lucy Foley

Crime story lovers, this one's for you. On the island off the coasts of Ireland, the party gathers for a posh wedding ceremony. The groom is a rising TV star and the bride - a magazine publisher, therefore, the wedding resembles the one covered in a celebrity magazine. However, the wedding embraces not just the perfect plans but also good old human vices. Plus a corpse. Who did it and why?

by Viv Groskop

In our non-fiction sector, we recommend this book on happiness based on the works of French writers. Courses on well-being are more than relevant these days but perhaps, instead of scientific research, we should read more French literature and learn how to bring more joie de vivre into our lives. Viv Groskop offers to say good-bye to sadness by exploring the works of Collete, Cyrano de Bergerac, Marcel Proust, Victor Hugo, Gustave Flaubert, Stendhal, Honoré de Balzac, Albert Camus, Françoise Sagan, and others.

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